Weekly Practices

Follow along with each part of this practice. We recommend you work through it with your community, a small group, a weekly meal with friends or neighbors, your roommates, whatever works. Get a group of people, set a time each week to share a meal, then talk and pray for about an hour. Transformation happens in community.

Week One: Letting Go

If we allow God’s Spirit to pry open our hands we might see our first glimpses of the freedom Jesus offers.

Week Two: Values

It is not enough to just minimize our home or schedule; we have to simplify around something.

Week Three: Speech

Most of what comes out of our mouth isn’t something we consciously think about, but happens automatically.

Week Four: Clothing

Scripture encourages us to live and dress simply, modestly, and not in order to impress others or show off our wealth.

Week Five: Stuff

It's clear that more doesn’t equal better; often, more equals less: less contentment, less margin, less peace.

Week Six: Pleasure

God designed us to experience joy. But we corrupt the freedom of Jesus so that it becomes a license for excess.

Week Seven: Contentment

The way of Jesus calls us to live simply, enjoy the ordinary pleasures of life, and find deep contentment in God.
Recommended Reading:
Follow along with the recommended reading. We want to continually expand our minds and understanding of the way of Jesus. God wants us to love him not only with our hearts, souls, and strength, but with our minds as well.